Has anyone else noticed that February 2015 is the perfect month?




I actually let out a pleased little squeak when I saw this because ohhh man, that is beautiful.

Tomohito Nishiura - Battle for the Future
23 plays
Tomohito Nishiura - Fish Race!!
2 plays

Fish Race!!

Tomohito Nishiura - Tutorial
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Tomohito Nishiura - Gundor Volcano Grotto
2 plays

Gundor Volcano Grotto

Tomohito Nishiura - Ancient Mural
2 plays

Ancient Mural


Dark Cloud 2 cosplay- Louisville anime weekend


for real tho, if u haven’t played dark cloud 2 (alternatively called dark chronicle), please play it. it’s such a good game.


Dark Cloud 1/2 talk & doodles livestream was great! I’m really glad I was able to do this and talk to people. New faces, too! These are the requests I got from everyone. I’m not really confident when it comes to drawing while being watched so except Max (I draw him so much I didn’t really need to think haha) they all look a bit messy, sorry about that.

Thank you for coming, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for putting up with my accent and pronounciation mistakes as well lD